What New Door Looks For In Real Estate Partners

Partnerships are always going to be a two-way street. There’s no getting around it. That type of relationship requires open and honest lines of communication that flow freely between both members of the partnership. Communication is really key to building any type of relationship, personal, professional, or otherwise. Being honest about expectations is also a milestone of a relationship, or partnership, with a strong foundation. New Door’s goal is to be open and honest with real estate brokers and agencies about what we look for in our real estate partners. Establishing our expectations and standards for our real estate partners upfront helps our future partners come to the table prepared and knowledgeable, which makes it a smoother process for everyone involved.  

Quality People

People are one of the two core ingredients that any and every organization must-have. The better the people, the better the organization. New Door looks to partner with real estate agencies that are staffed by quality people. This doesn’t necessarily translate to having the best quarterly projections in the region, though that certainly won’t hurt, or the strongest sales-staff; staffing a firm with quality people goes far beyond business performance. A quality staff practices kindness and patience, not just with paying clients and potential customers, but the everyday person that they pass on the street. A quality staff goes above and beyond for their clients, and establish relationships in the communities that they serve. New Door looks to enhance the communities of the agencies and firms with which they partner by establishing partnerships with upstanding firms full of quality staff.  

Active Business

Another aspect that New Door looks for in a potential partner is that they’re active. Neither the real estate agency nor New Door benefits from a passive and inactive partnership. New Door’s entire philosophy behind the partnership is to increase the earnings of your agents and your firm on each and every transaction. However, if your agency is passive or dormant, transactions are lost to other agencies, and earnings are still left on the table. This isn’t to say that your real estate agency has to be the number one agency in town, but that a partnership with New Door only really makes sense if your real estate firm is actively conducting regular real estate transactions.  

Ready and Eager To Grow

To become a real estate partner with New Door, there is upfront capital required. Now, this is, in part, due to the fact that as a New Door partner your agency retains ownership of the title insurance company that is established. It’s still important to have the required capital ready, though. New Door requires a small start-up investment between $10-$12K. On top of that, New Door is excited to work with excited partners. Since we’re focused on helping you and your agents earn as many extra dollars as you can, we want to see that light in your eyes and hear a passion in your voice when it comes to growth opportunities. After all, couldn’t we all use a new pair of shoes?  

The Always Learning Mindset

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” This is one of my favorite phrases that captures the ideal mindset of what we look for in a real estate partner at New Door. The root of the phrase is saying that you should always surround yourself with people from which you can learn something – the same principle applies in business. The market is always shifting, and a good real estate firm will have its thumb on the pulse of that change. Adapting to new trends, paying attention to the latest real estate fads, and consistently updating marketing practices are all strong business practices to adhere to in general, and also make for a strong real estate partner with New Door.  

Ethical Practices

Finally, we’re no longer in the age of big-businesses getting away with lies. Transparency and honesty are becoming mainstream business practices and New Door is in stride. Building a socially-responsible marketplace takes each and every player involved, no matter how small, standing up to injustice and committing to strong, ethical business practices. New Door prides itself on being an upstanding partner for your business and expects the same in return.  

Wrapping Up

New Door is always on the lookout for new real estate partners, which is why we’ve clearly established our expectations – making it quick and easy for any interested party to see if they’re ready to take the next step. For more information on how to start your partnership with New Door, visit our partnership page, and get in touch with a consultant today.

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