Understanding Your Initial Investment as a New Door Partner

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Are you looking to grow your real estate brokerage firm, improve service to your clients, and maximize your earnings? These are all benefits of partnering with New Door Property Transfer, which allows you to own your own title company through us and is an excellent opportunity to see profits outside of the more typical real estate transactions. Taking advantage of the amazing benefits of a New Door partnership requires a minimal initial investment in the range of $10k – $12k. We understand that you want to know about this initial investment and what it can mean for your brokerage as we help you establish your own title company. Here are the details of your initial investment as a New Door partner, including the services you’ll receive from us and the growth you’ll notice in your brokerage.

Ownership of Title Company

With a New Door partnership, you’ll become the owner of your very own title company after making your initial investment. You may notice that this is a different business relationship than the typical title company joint venture.  Often, when a real estate brokerage or lending company partners with an existing title company in a joint venture, there are fees or missed opportunities to maximize profit off of the title process. At New Door, we believe in full transparency and helping you make the most out of offering an ancillary service to your clients. The initial investment you provide is for the establishment of a title company that you own and can profit from.

Ease of Company Creation

Starting a new company can be an involved and lengthy process. If you’re the owner of a real estate brokerage or lending company, you may know a fair amount about title services but not how to start or manage your own company. By partnering with New Door, you’re receiving a turn-key solution to owning your own title company. The initial investment you make includes our assistance as you get started and provide services. We hire and train your local administrators and handle transactions for you.

RESPA Compliance

We understand the importance of making sure your brokerage is fully compliant and operating within your state’s real estate policies and regulations. Sometimes it can seem as though owning your own title company is not RESPA compliant. Fortunately, with your investment in a New Door partnership, you can be assured that we have a 100% RESPA compliant partnership that we have been able to implement across the country.

Return on Investment

One of the best ways to understand your initial investment in a New Door partnership is with an overview of an expected return on investment, or ROI, that your real estate brokerage can experience. As you provide title services to your clients, you can expect to make a profit of $200, $300, or even up to $1000 per transaction. This is an excellent way to maximize your earnings and make a return on your investment. Additionally, as you can provide the additional title service, you’ll also start to notice increased interest from potential clients, retention of real estate agents, and interest from other agents who are drawn to the comprehensive services you can provide. These can all increase the profits you make from your day to day real estate transactions.

Experience and Expertise

When you invest in a partnership with New Door, we bring our experience and expertise to your new title company. We are experts in both the real estate and title service industries, and we want to share our knowledge with you so you can provide exceptional service to your clients. We believe in open and transparent communication, so your agents will always have the information they need to pass along to their clients and ensure smooth, successful real estate transactions and title services.

Quality Service

New Door’s priority is quality customer service. We want our partners, clients, and other companies who work with us, such as lenders, to have an exceptional experience; we are responsive and centered around all of our stakeholders. Your initial investment may be the beginning of your title company, but you’ll receive ongoing support from the New Door team. You can fully trust our service-based model as we guide you through the process of owning your title company. Don’t wait to learn more about how your initial investment results in exceptional service and growth for your brokerage. For more information on a partnership with New Door Property Transfer, and all of the services New Door has to offer, visit New Door today.

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