What’s The Real ROI Of A New Door Partnership?

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Partnering with a professional like us at New Door Property Transfer means our dedicated team has your back. Not only will we do all the heavy lifting for you, but you’ll be getting a true, transparent partner. One where you understand all of the numbers and are treated fairly. This means you’ll have time to focus on financial growth and improving your ROI. Given how beneficial partnering with us can be, we’ve outlined five reasons below why the ROI with a New Door partnership is so high.

1. Turn-Key Ready

With a New Door partnership, we’re ready to step in. This means industry leaders, like yourself, don’t have to wait to launch their own title company. That’s because we have years of industry experience that can be applied to you right away. Being experts in both real estate and title insurance means you can start earning right away without anything holding you back. And since experience stretches across the country and means we can perform titles for all of it, and for any type of transaction. When you partner with us, we will also begin immediately working on protecting your interest against any title defects. This is done by carefully reviewing your instructions and making sure we execute all documents on time.

2. Experienced and Supportive Team

Having a dedicated and experienced team working behind you is a must. Without one, you can feel unsupported, overworked, and stressed. Feeling this way makes it impossible for you to perform at your best. And when you can’t perform, your bottom line is guaranteed to suffer. That’s what makes a New Door partnership so different. We make sure that you are being provided with the support you need. Not only will we be there to support you, but we will extend this help to your consumers. We make sure their closing experience is nothing short of exceptional by taking on the administrative burdens and providing quick communication. This means we will be able to jump in and help with things like confirming the true title owner. Doing this search requires a review of legal records which can be confusing and daunting on your own. Plus, gaining access to all the public records can be difficult which is why it’s best to turn to professionals like us. Otherwise, if this is not done right, it can damage the title transfer and in turn, your finances!

3. Recruitment

The recruitment process for agents can be difficult and time-consuming. All this time spent on finding, and retaining them can easily eat away at hours of your day. That’s where a New Door partnership can help. Our fluid and in-house process means you’ll be able to recruit more (and better) agents. In turn, saving you money on the recruitment and training process. But, that’s not all. We also offer a single point of contact for them. This makes it easy to get accurate and timely communication when dealing with a transition. Additionally, we can help with the small things like contract uploads and drop-offs; so, they can focus more on what matters.

4. Favorable Splits 

Being in a partnership with an industry leader like us means you’ll be backed by some of the top underwriters in the country. Having our name associated with you means you don’t need to worry about establishing relationships with them, as they are already familiar with what we do. This results in much more favorable splits and a higher ROI.   

5. RESPA Compliant

Many are under the assumption that owning a title company means it is not RESPA-compliant. But, we have a 100% RESPA-compliant partnership. And, we make sure to go above and beyond to exceed your expectations when it comes to compliance guidelines. This means we will provide homebuyers and sellers with complete settlement cost disclosures. This is an attractive feature that you’d want to be associated with your business as it proves to consumers that you’re not there to take advantage of them. Rather, you’re working hard to eliminate any abusive practices or hidden kickbacks that could cost them. Ultimately, partnering with us means we can provide you with a title company without any of the headaches or work that goes along with it. This turn-key-ready solution means you’ll have time to focus on doing what you do best; growing your ROI. For more information on how we can help, call us at 610-549-4129 or email us anytime at info@newdoorpt.com today.

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