5 Ways Partnering With New Door Attracts More Agents

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From recruitment to experience, favorable splits, transparency, and more; there are a number of reasons why partnering with New Door attracts agents. After all, agents want to be a part of a supportive and collaborative team. One where their expertise and experience outshine others. And that’s exactly what they’ll get when you partner with us.     So, given all the benefits of partnering with New Door, we’ve decided to outline the top five reasons why New Door attracts more agents.  

1. Recruitment Process

  We understand how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find new hires (and keep them.) But this will no longer be an issue for you when you partner with us.   That’s because the onboarding process for agents is a completely in-house one. Meaning, the entire hiring procedure is handled by us. This offers new hires a single and direct point of contact. In turn, making it much easier for them to make the transition on board. It also puts them at ease and gives them a point of contact to directly ask questions and express concerns with. Ultimately, demonstrating to them how supported they will be while working with us.  

2. One Point of Contact

  When agents sign-on, we also offer them a single point of contact for questions or concerns. This makes it easy to get accurate and timely communication, regardless of what the issue may be.   This is especially important when dealing with a new agent who may not be familiar with certain protocols and needs to confirm the way things are done. So, instead of having them feel unsupported and lost, we offer them help, even if it’s for little things.   For example, even the smaller administrative tasks, like uploading contracts and drop-offs, are something that we can help with. That way, they can focus on more of what matters (growing their clientele and business.)     

3. Favorable Splits

  When you partner with us, you’re partnering with an industry leader. And, agents know this. This means that agents who choose to onboard with you will be backed by some of the top underwriters in the country.   This is an undeniably attractive feature for agents as they won’t need to worry about establishing relationships with insurance providers. Rather, they can rest assured that all of their work will result in a much more favorable split.  

4. RESPA Compliant

  Another feature that agents will find attractive is that we have a 100% RESPA-compliant partnership. Further, we make sure that we’re going above and beyond when it comes to meeting these compliance guidelines.   Knowing that we abide by these guidelines is an attractive feature for agents because it shows potential clients that they can be trusted.   This means that homeowners can rest assured that the agent will be completely honest when it comes to the settlement cost disclosures. Clients also won’t think that agents partnered with us are participating in hidden kickback programs or abusive practices.   Instead, because we abide by and follow all RESPA guidelines, potential homebuyers will know that they’re not there to take advantage of them. Rather, they’re there to support them through the process and ultimately do what’s in their best interest. In turn, results in more clients, and better sales.  

5. An Experienced Team

  Agents want to work somewhere that’s supportive and collaborative. And that’s exactly what they’ll get when you partner with us. We make sure that you (and your agents) are getting the support you need to perform at your best. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for such things as a closing; we will even take on all the administrative burdens associated with it and provide quick communication to the agents and owners. This helps to streamline deals and ensures everyone on board gets the support they need.   We’re also always willing to step in and help with things like confirming title ownership; a task that can eat up hours of an agent’s day.   Otherwise, without a supportive team, you could have agents feeling overworked, stressed, and un-supported.     But, partnering with us means you can give agents exactly what they want; a supportive work environment with dedicated backing. And, as a transparent partner, New Door offers this for agents.   So, for more information on how we can help, call us at 610-549-4129 or email us anytime at info@newdoorpt.com today.

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