How New Door Improves Customer Service For Your Brokerage

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New Door Property Transfer’s primary focus is great service. We want all of our New Door partners to feel supported as owners of their own title companies, with the industry experience and expertise to run a successful business. But we also want your clients to have the best customer service through a great experience when they close on their property. After all, a real estate transaction can be a long and stressful process for a real estate brokerage and homeowners. Even the shortest and smoothest transitions to home ownership still require paperwork, attention to detail, and some time. Anytime you can provide efficient, effective, and expert services, resources, and advice, your clients will feel a little less burdened as they become new homeowners. When you own your title company through a partnership with New Door, we support you as you provide quality title services, and we provide an excellent experience to you, your agents, and your clients. Here’s how we improve customer service for your brokerage:

Every Transfer of Ownership Receives Special Attention

A New Door partnership delivers accuracy and experience you need to provide quality customer service. Because a clear title is necessary for a real estate transaction to occur, title services are incredibly important to your clients, even if they don’t know all the details about what happens behind the scenes. Mistakes can be costly; after all, any future issues with title could result in your client losing significant money or their new home. At New Door, we understand that every transfer of ownership requires special attention.  Our team is knowledgable about every step of the title process, and this experience and expertise is exactly the type of customer service your clients look for in a real estate transaction.  When you can provide accurate services and information, you gain your clients’ trust and satisfaction, and they have a better experience as they close on their property.

We Value Consistent, Open Communication

When you partner with New Door, your agents and clients benefit from the collaborative nature of owning your own title company, and you’ll see improved customer service. Part of the stress of a real estate transaction is all of the moving parts that need to work together seamlessly. There’s an efficient order, almost like choreography, to guarantee a successful transfer of ownership at closing. We’ve heard that one of the biggest headaches agents and their clients experience is a lack of communication. For a smooth and seamless title process and closing, it’s important that everyone knows what part they need to play. Therefore, we believe it’s important for lines of communication to always be open. This way all parties involved are continuously apprised of necessary information. We deliver real estate agent support and answer questions. We make sure your clients know about necessary paperwork and fees, and exactly what they need to complete and when. We keep communication current and timely, so no one feels last minute stress. Consistent, open communication is an important aspect of customer service that provides this information and reassurance.

Your Brokerage Provides More Quality, Comprehensive Services

Partnering with New Door means that your brokerage now not only provides real estate services, but also title services. As a benefit, you increase your customer service as you offer clients a more comprehensive experience.  But with New Door, it isn’t just about the quantity of services; it’s also about the quality. We want every brokerage, agent, and homeowner to feel like a priority as we work through the process of a real estate transaction. As your agents learn more about the title process, their knowledge, experience, and expertise trickles down to their clients as they become a better resource through the home buying process. And when other experienced agents learn that they can build their real estate repertoire by working for you, you’ll be able to grow your company with successful realtors who contribute to successful home sales and purchases. Clients who want to buy and sell their home will be drawn to the level of customer service you can offer through your brokerage’s real estate and title services and experienced agents. We want your clients to have a great experience when they close on their property. That’s why we give every transaction special attention, value open communication, and support the services your brokerage provides. Our service first model improves the customer service for your brokerage. For more information on a partnership with New Door Property Transfer, and all of the services New Door has to offer, visit New Door today.

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