Growing Your Brokerage With New Door Property Transfer


The New Door Partnership

Successful business people understand that opportunities seldom present themselves more than once. In the case of running your real estate brokerage, this could refer to money that your team or agency is leaving on the table – stunting your growth and pushing your brokerage towards a plateau. Especially in the economy post-COVID-19, it is more vital than ever to be maximizing the opportunities for your business in order to remain competitive. Growing your brokerage with New Door Property Transfer is one path you can start on today that will help you maximize growth and earnings in your agency. By becoming a New Door Partner your business will, first and foremost, see an immediate increase in earnings and revenue on every transaction made. As a New Door Partner, your agency retains ownership of the new business entity that allows your team and your brokerage to capitalize on the title transfer transactions that are already occurring within the normal business operations. Since a title exchange is already an element of a real estate transaction it’s only logical, as the business owner or broker, to take advantage of that position and double down on the earnings per transaction that your brokerage sees. While financial growth is, of course, an integral aspect of any business model; it’s not the only bottom line that matters anymore. In recent years there has been a myriad of shifts to the business landscape which has greatly affected how the economy operates. Two of these major shifts are the move to a more digital economy and the swing in the power-dynamic between buyers and sellers. Both of which have had a direct impact on the real estate economy specifically.  

Looking Beyond Finance – The Shifting Economic Landscape

Those two significant shifts to the economic landscape create additional value in a New Door Property Transfer Partnership because of the residual effects that creating and owning a title transfer company will have on your brokerage. One such influence that a New Door Partnership will bring to your brokerage is an advantage when it comes to talent scouting and hiring. Since the most sought-after talent is likely going to seek the most competitive compensation, a New Door Partner is uniquely positioned to offer them a higher-earnings ceiling with a promise of the additional earnings on the title-transaction that accompanies the real estate sale. Being top-tier-talent is only half of the equation though. The other major shift that’s swung the economy is the power-dynamic between buyers and sellers. Consumers largely have no interest in spending money or supporting businesses with outdated or unethical business practices. Creating a strong, ethical, and responsible culture in any business, a real estate brokerage or otherwise, takes a combination of strong leaders with the right mindset and collaborative team members. The shift to a more digital era actually goes hand-in-hand with the higher moral expectations that consumers are bringing to the marketplace. With the expansion of the internet and the unfolding of the technological decades that followed; consumers were bombarded with a floodgate of new information. This ultimately led to transparency rising as one of the most value-adding pillars that an institution can incorporate. Growing your brokerage with New Door Property Transfer won’t just bring elevated revenues and talented salespeople to your agency; by emphasizing transparency and strong business practices New Door Partners carry top talent with reputations for being socially responsible. Boosting the image of your brand in the eyes of the consumer and further encouraging consumers to bring their business your way, and boosting referrals simultaneously.  

A Quick Recap On Growing Your Brokerage With New Door Property Transfer

The real estate market was one of the few to not only survive but actually thrive through the economic crash following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. With families and singles moving out in waves from crowded metropolitan areas the real estate market continues to see a steady uptick in activity, making now an excellent time to launch your partnership with New Door Property Transfer. New Door Partners have an advantage in the real estate market that other agencies simply don’t. From additional earnings on each and every transaction handled, to attracting the highest-rated and most-sought-after candidates, a partnership with New Door adds value to any brokerage ready to take their agency to the next level. To get started with exploring your New Door Partnership today, simply contact a consultant and someone will get back to you shortly. You’ll be on your path to partnership in no time.

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