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I myself own a real estate company and understand that when you do a joint venture with a local title company, you don’t really get a fair shake.

And that‘s really why I started New Door. Because I was in that same situation and figured out I wasn’t really getting a fair shake at owning the title company.

I wasn’t getting a true transparent partnership where I understood all of the numbers.

So we’re not only able to provide that for you, and great service, but also give you peace of mind that the job is going to be done right and accurately.

– Alex Lopez, Founder & CEO


Why New Door?

A message from our CEO

Alex Lopez
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Our Mission

We make it easy to Protect Your Home

Helping real estate leaders launch their own title companies through turn key transparent, title partnerships.

Not only do we have the industry experience to perform title across the country and any type of transaction, we are able to step in, provide the knowledge and industry expertise, and help you throughout that process.