5 Benefits of Partnering with New Door

Any real estate transaction automatically comes with a title transfer transaction. If you are a broker or own a real estate business and want to catch more of the revenue from your transactions, we want to highlight 5 benefits you will find when partnering with New Door for your title transfer company.  

1. We Do the Heavy Lifting

As a New Door partner, your realty company will see additional growth in revenue, without your having to lift a finger. We have the knowledge and resources to create a business for you that is turn-key. We take care of all the day to day responsibilities of running a title company, so you can focus on creating transactions.  

2. Simple Start-up Process

The process of becoming a New Door partner is really quite simple. After you decide that a New Door Property Transfer partnership is right for you, we handle the rest. All you have to do is continue generating real estate transactions.  

3. Exceptional Service

Not only do we strive to make sure our partners are fully satisfied with our service, but everyone involved. We want to create a positive experience for the customers, sellers, agents, and transaction coordinators.  

4. True Ownership

The heart of New Door is true agency ownership. In other words, your success is our success. Unlike other title agency companies; with New Door – you will retain 100% ownership of the title company that you’re starting. Additionally, you’ll have partner-level-support, and be able to maximize your earnings on transactions while leaving the heavy-lifting to New Door.  

5. Additional Revenue

As a New Door partner, your realty company will see an immediate boost in revenue, amongst a myriad of other benefits that lead to a stronger bottom line, more opportunities, and a stronger business from top to bottom. With an in-house title company, your agency will be more attractive to current and potential agents, reducing turn-over, and increasing the strength of your average realtor. The additional revenue that your realty company will earn from becoming a New Door partner is through the title transactions that are already occurring over the course of your real estate transaction. However, without managing this title exchange; your realty company is losing out on an additional source of revenue. Partnering with New Door allows you to capitalize on these additional transactions instantaneously, giving your realty company full ownership of the entire transaction as a whole, rather than just half-the-biscuit.   

Find Out if a New Door Partnership is Right for You

For more information on the start-up investment, and additional benefits of becoming a New Door partner, and all of the services that New Door is happy to provide to their partners, contact us today, and get started on your journey to becoming a New Door partner.

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