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The truth is, you already own a title company.
You’re just not getting paid for it.

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I was able to take a broker owner that wasn’t making extra income on that ancillary service or wasn’t getting transparency with their current title provider, and seeing them open up a partnership. And not only that, but understand the numbers, and exactly how the process works, and have a great experience for all of their clientele and agents. That’s where the real satisfaction comes in for me.

– Alex Lopez, CEO

About Our Services

It’s simple. There’s one thing we are focused on and that is great service.

We want to make sure you receive great service and support through our partnership we are providing you as an owner of the company. You can also rest assured knowing your consumers are having a great experience when they close on their property. Your agents will have the communication they need from the title provider to make sure they’re understanding every single part of the process so they can get their clients to the closing table without any headaches.


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3 Steps to Owning Your Own Title Company


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Service First Model

Service First Model

It’s simple. We understand service is key for Real Estate Agents to perform at a high level. Which is why a number one priority is to provide extraordinary services for your clients and agents.

Extraordinary Client Experience

Extraordinary Client Experience

Buyers and sellers in today's world aren't just looking for someone to have them sign paperwork. They're looking for a smooth experience throughout the entire process, what our partnerships will provide them.



Every transaction needs special attention which is why accuracy is at the forefront of everything we do.



In this industry, we understand how important smooth communication is between all parties involved. We want everyone to walk away feeling like they were a priority. Our lines of communication are always open.



You can expect to have a true and transparent partnership from top to bottom.

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